If you are seeking a true ladakhi guide for your trekking in this corner of Himalaya, probably you're in the right site.

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Angchok, a good guide for Ladakh trekking
Julley! (Hallo!)
My name is Tsering Angchok, I wish to introduce myself and my land, Ladakh, the High Pass land, the little Tibet.
I live close to Leh, the capital of ladakh, and I've worked as a guide for 15 years, leading people among the high peaks of Himalaya range, exploring with them the lost valleys of Zanskar region, meeting the nomads of Rupshu, the lakes's land, and always showing one of the last uncontaminated kingdoms of the ancient Himalayan culture.

My job starts when a traveller contact me; I check for its needs and desires, and I plan with him the best tour: an adventurous jeep tour on the breathtaking roads of Ladakh? a walking tour discovering ancient buddhist monasteries and people living as their ancestors centuries ago? a hard trekking among wild mountains and lost valleys? a climb of one of the tallest peaks of the world?

Whatever you want to do on the Roof of the World, I'll arrange everything you need, and you'll just enjoy the fresh sunny air of our mountains, the warm welcome of my people, the widest view from the high passes of this land.

Why should you choose me? Maybe for my long experience in organization of both mild and hard tours of Ladakh. Or maybe because I'm originary from Ladakh and it's easier for me to travel in my land, approaching ladakhi people and, over all, leading you to access the secret life of my country.
I think a good guide must give a "Ladakh experience" to their customers, creating the base of a mature, exciting meeting between our different cultures.

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